Monday, March 13, 2006

Usability for Rich Internet Applications

Donna Maurer posted at the Digital Web Magazine about Usability for Rich Internet Applications. In this article Donna explore the challenges that developers and designers encounter to increased richness and interactivity of Internet applications, The key challenge in designing part-page updates is making sure people see them :

* Deciding How Much Richness to Add

* Interactive Page Elements

* Refreshing Part of the Page

* Breaking the Page Model

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) can provide opportunities to design much better user experiences. They can be faster, more engaging and much more usable. However, this improvement is not without its downside—RIAs are much more difficult to design than the previous generation of page-based applications. The richer interaction requires a better understanding of users and of human-computer interaction (HCI). Although there is a lot of HCI material and research available, it can be difficult to determine how it applies to this new environment.


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